Surviving Disaster Without Leaving Home
Surviving Disaster Without Leaving Home

Surviving Disaster Without Leaving Home

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Imagine a scenario where all of the public services and normal environment you now live suddenly disappears. A disaster, either man made or natural will generate the same result. Suddenly you find yourself on your own. There are no police to protect you, no fireman to rescue you; for one reason or another you are cut off from the outside world. The stores are all closed or inaccessible, there are no gas stations open for 100 miles. Evacuation may or may not be an option. In any event, you decide to stay where you are and to make do with what you have. However, if you decide to stay, this book will help you prepare to shelter in place. By following these procedures, you can make your sheltering-in-place scenario more livable. One of the most important decisions you will ever make is whether or not to “tough it out” during a storm or to stay in place during an unrest of nature or man. The reason it is so important is that it has mortal consequences. Truly the best decision is the one that will secure the safety of yourself and family. The problem is that it is difficult to predict what the situation will bring and how to prepare for it. If you cannot be sure of you safety, you need to leave: Evacuate. Once you make the decision to stay your options will become very limited very fast. You must have all materials in play. What questions will this book help me answer? Prior planning is key. You will find in the following pages many plans and procedures on what to do once you find yourself in a difficult situation. You will learn that the bases for comfort in crisis rest in the fact that advance preparations have been made. You will learn how to make and implement the appropriate plans. You will find comfort in knowing that no matter what happens, you know what to do! You will learn:

 • What are the things you should consider when it becomes necessary to stay at home when an emergency comes?
• What must you do to be sure that you and your family are safe.
• What tools you must have and how to use those available to address the concerns addressed in this book which are:
 o Food and water
 o Sanitation
o Children
o Electrical power
o Medical
o Communications
o Where to shelter
o Getting Around
o Insurance

How you can protect yourself and your family against?
o Tornados
o Hurricanes
o Earthquakes
o Winter Storms
o Nuclear
o Volcano
o Civil Unrest
o Pandemic

An entire chapter is dedicated to facing SECURITY issues under stressful emergency situations. Individual, family and neighborhood security issues are addressed in great detail. This is valuable and critical training for yourself and your family.

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