SAM Splint Junior 18" Splint
SAM Splint Junior 18' Splint

SAM Splint Junior 18" Splint

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18 inch SAM Splint Junior

Acclaimed by emergency care providers and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide (and even beyond the Earth, on NASA space shuttles), the SAM® SPLINT is based on an ancient construction principle: curves are strong. Old-style splints derive their strength from the materials from which they are constructed: metal, wood, plaster, etc. Unfortunately, that means that to be strong, they have to be heavy, bulky, and not easily adjustable to a wide variety of needs. The SAM® SPLINT is built from a thin core of aluminum alloy, sandwiched between two layers of closed-cell foam. Freshly unrolled from storage, the splint is extremely pliable. Bent into any of three simple curves, it becomes extremely strong and supportive for any fractured or injured limb.


  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Radiolucent (does not have to be removed for X-rays)
  • Can be rolled or folded for easy storage in emergency kits/backpacks
  • Fastens in place with tape or wrap.
  • No extra equipment needed.
  • Not affected by extreme temperatures or altitudes.
  • Even works underwater!
  • Reusable
  • Closed-pore, impermeable foam surface allows easy cleaning and disinfection.
  • Material is compatible with all standard cleaning solutions.
  • Will not puncture

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