Prepared to Survive
Prepared to Survive

Prepared to Survive

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Prepared To Survive

On the trail, in the woods, or on a mountainside, you should always expect one thing: the unexpected. It can happen anytime to anyone, from the most casual hiker to the most experienced outdoors person.

Are you Prepared to Survive? You will be after viewing this award winning DVD series, which will give you the essential knowledge and skills that could save your life.

Hosted by Gretchen Cordy, a former Air Force survival instructor and nationally recognized from her appearance on Survivor, this 2-DVD set offers practical information from experts who have faced wilderness survival situations.

Step by step, youll learn everything from signaling and fire-building to prioritizing tasks to thinking clearly in stressful situations. Youll find these DVDs to be among the most valuable pieces of outdoor equipment you own.

Prepared to Survive is a comprehensive 2-disc set covering a variety of concepts and hands-on skills. Specs include: 2 DVD Discs, 174 Minutes, 16:9 Widescreen, NTSC, Color.

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