Pocket Tin Survival Kit
Pocket Tin Survival Kit

Pocket Tin Survival Kit

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Designed, developed, and packaged by Survival Resources™, the PTSK-24003 Pocket Tin Survival Kit™ was designed so you could easily carry a basic survival kit conveniently in a pocket. It is an individual, mini kit, packaged inside a sturdy tin. We purposely left room inside the tin so you could add a few small items, such as water purification tablets and a water bag. For Fire & Light, this kit contains an orange Spark-Lite™ Firestarter for one handed fire starting in the event one hand is injured. Six (6) Tinder-Quick™ Fire Tabs are also enclosed to ensure you have dry, effective tinder when you need to start a fire. Tinder-Quick™ is an all-weather fire starter that even lights when wet. Each fire tab is specially treated to high standards to ensure the cotton is waterproof and provides more than adequate burn times for starting fires (each tab burns 2-3 minutes). 

 1 - 50' - 20 lb. Braided Fishing Line 
1 - Spark-Lie™ Firestarter - Orange 
 1 - 6' Brass Snare Wire 
6 - Tinder-Quick™ Fire Tabs 
1 - Folding Razor Knife 
1 - AMK Mini Rescue-Flash™ Signal Mirror 
1 - Folding Pocket Saw 
1 - Fox 40® Micro Whistle - Orange MISC. - 
1 - Fresnel Magnifier 
1 - 20mm Button Compass 
 1 - Duct Tape Flat Pack - 
2" x 50" - Blaze Orange 
7 - Safety Pins 
1 - Sewing Needle 
2 - Waterproof Paper - 2.125" x 2.75" 
1 - Fishing Kit, In Small Vial 
 1 - Mini Pencil

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