Bravo Aviation Crashkit
Bravo Aviation Crashkit

Bravo Aviation Crashkit

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Bravo Aviation Crashkit

The ‘Bravo’ personal aviation survival kit is designed for the pilot with some basic knowledge of wilderness survival techniques. It contains 76 of the most essential items needed to survive, while still remaining small and lightweight. At only 3.52lbs, it is compact enough to fit in any flight bag, jacket pocket, glove compartment, map pouch or cargo pants pocket.

Each item in this kit has been thoroughly tested and approved to ensure flawless performance when needed.

This kit now contains Aquatabs Water Purification and our Spark-Lite and Tinder Tabs (The official fire starter of the US Army).  Ships by post only.

Crashkit 'Bravo' Content List
1050 Pelican Case
9 Volt Pak Lite with Red Flashing Light
Accident Report Form
Acetaminophen Tablets - 8
Aluminum Foil
Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets - 20
Adhesive Strips - 10
Butterfly/Knuckle Closure - 5
Benzalkonium Chloride Wipes -2
Coffee Packet
Commando Saw
Critical Action Card
Duct Tape -100"
Emergency Blanket
Eye Pad
Fire Stick
First Aid Book
Fishing Kit
Flagging Tape (20 Feet)
Gauze - Triangular Bandage
Gauze - 4"x 4" - 2
Gauze - 3"x 5 yards
Insect Repellant Wipes
Knife Sharpener - Butterfly
Matches - Waterproof - 25
Magnifying Lense
Medical Grade Gloves (Pair)
Multi-Tool Knife
Needles (Sewing) - 2
Parachute Cord - 10 Feet
Rain Poncho
Signal Mirror with Grid
Snare Wire
Spark-Lite Flint & Tinder Kit
Splint (Small)
Sting Stop - 2
Sunscreen Wipes
Tea Bag - 2
Zip-Close Bag

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