BURNFREE Sunburn Relief
BURNFREE Sunburn Relief

BURNFREE Sunburn Relief

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Sunburn Rescue is a specially formulated super thick gel that stays on a sunburn rather than running off like water would. Sunburn Rescue stays on the skin to draw the heat out of sunburns by transferring the heat into the gel system. Sounds technical, but this means Sunburn Rescue provides long-lasting relief from the pain, heat and discomfort of a sunburn. That's cool! (pun intended) Because Sunburn Rescue's technologically- advanced hydrogel formula remains stable at a wide range of temperatures, it is ideal for use in the sun. Being portable, easy to use, and completely water soluble, it is an absolute must everywhere people spend time in the sun. BurnFree's SUNBURN RESCUE carries trace amounts of a natural extract called Melaleuca Alternafolia, or Tea Tree Oil. Used originally by the indigenous Bundjalung people of eastern Australia, it was believed that tea tree oil had natural anti-germicidal features. This helped to prevent infection and promote a healing environment. In 2010 50% of adults 18-29 years had a great time in the sun and forgot to use sunscreen. Oops. They really could have used Sunburn Rescue.

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