Witch's Brew Rescu-Me Survival Vest

Witch's Brew Rescu-Me Survival Vest

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When disaster strikes and you must leave with what is on your back - make it a Rescu- Me vest! Helping you survive the first 72 hours and beyond!

The Rescu-MeTM Survival Vests are specifically designed to allow survival in a dangerous situation for the first critical 72 hours and prepare you for longer. Made with a Black 1000 Denier Cordura the vest has a reversible High Visibility Orange inner layer and a patented layer of "reflective" fabric between the two layers. This "reflective" layer is not visible to the naked eye as it is found inside the vest, so what good is having a reflective layer you can't see? Well, this layer of patented fabric is not only reflective of light, but more importantly, reflective of heat. It has the ability to reflect the summers heat away from you or keep your body heat inside during the winter. This fabric has a tested 92% reflectibility rate for thermal energy and completely blocks electromagnetic radiation while being very lightweight and permeable to water vapor and sweat.

Survival items included (may change due to product availability):
18"x9" High Visibility Rescu-Me sign
1 Survival knife
Bruton Compass
Gerber ceramic knife sharpener
Fresnel Lens
Grabber 5'x7' Heavy duty Space Blanket
2 Person heat sheet
50ft of 550 hi-vis military p-cord
Outdoor nylon 5'x7' shelter
General First Aid kit
Vacuum packed trauma dressing
Trauma sponges
Esbit pocket stove and fuel
NATO long burn matches
Petroleum impregnated cotton balls
Fire strike flint starter
Bug repellant and spf30 sunscreen
Signal mirror
3600 Calorie Mainstay food rations
Mainstay water rations
Frontier Pro Water Filtration System
Triple antibiotic ointment
3ft of 3/8 inch surgical tubing
mini-EMT shears
Wire splint
Lifeline softpack first aid kit
Z-Pack trauma dressing
Lifeline Ultra Survival Kit
Emergency Poncho
Emergency fishing kit
High intensity 8-LED Light