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Pathfinder Survival Kit

Robust survival in a light weight package! The Pathfinder™ is the ideal kit for those going into hostile territory to establish landing and drop zones. Includes an eye safe laser for signaling aircraft. Comes packed in a HydraStorm STIKE Tsunami™ with a 100 oz. bladder and an in-line filter system. Procure water from most any source, add iodine tablets and move out! Rest easy knowing you are drinking filtered and purified water. Loaded with more than 3600 calories and the means to acquire more, double the amount of 550 cord, and capable of handling numerous add-on pouches via the Blackhawk® STIKE™ system!

Contents: SIGNAL
4-Light Sticks
1-Signal Mirror
1-Fox40™ Whistle
1-Rugged LED Strobe / Flashlight
1-Rescue Laser Light, 5 hr.
1-Blanket, Survival, OD
2-HotHands2® Warmers, 10 hr.
1-HotHands® Warmer, 18 hr.
1-Sewing Kit 6-Croc-Locks WATER
10-Water Purification Tablets
1-Bottle Elete Oral Rehydration Salts (treats 10 liters)
1-100oz. HydraStorm™ Reservoir
5-Hard Candies
2-Bouillon Cubes
1-Fishing Kit
2-SureLock™ Snares
1-Mainstay 3600 cal. Rations
1-Spark-Lite Fire Starter
8- Tinders
1-Back-up Ball Compass
5 -Feet Orange Marker Flag Tape
2 -Waterproof Pouch, 5x7
40-Feet Cord, Nylon Mil-C-5040
1-Victorinox® Pioneer Harvester™ Folding Knife
1-Blackhawk® STRIKE Tsunami™ FIRST AID & TRAUMA
3-Wound Prep Pads
2-Soap Towelettes
5-1x3 Adhesive Bandages
5-Butterfly Bandages
2-2x4.5 Flex Bandages
1-Knuckle Bandage
1-Eye Patch
2-2x3 Non-Stick Pads
1-Spool Dental Floss
2-Pkts Hydrocortisone
5-Pkts Triple Antibiotic Ointment
1-Pkts Burn Ointment
2-Pkts Motrin®
2-Pkts Tylenol®
1-Pkt No-Doz®
3-Pkts Immodium AD®
5-Safety Pins
1-Reflect™ SPF22 Sun Stick
1-Roll 1/2" Medical Tape
1-Miracle Point® Tweezers
1-Moleskin, 3x5
1-Waterproof Pouch, 5x7 TRAUMA
1-Cinch Tight Dressing
2-PriMed High Absorbency Gauzes
1-Tourni-Quik Tourniquet
1-Snake Bite Kit

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