High Desert Hunter

High Desert Hunter

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High Desert Hunter Survival Kit

A rugged and robust kit built for the arid environment where shelter and water are vital. Loaded with serious life saving tools for the serious outdoorsman. Elete Oral Rehydration Salts mix easily in the 100oz. bladder to help the body maintain a proper hydration level. When water from questionable sources is all that is available fill your bladder, drop in the appropriate number of purification tablets and attach the HydraStorm in-line filter and you are ready to drink filtered and purified water from most any source. This kit even comes with trauma items to treat gunshot wounds!

1-Signal Mirror
2-Light Sticks
1-Pealess Fox40® Whistle
1-Rugged LED Strobe / Flashlight
1-Emergency Foil Bag
1-Emergency Survival Bag
2-HotHands 2® Warmers
1-HotHands® Warmer
1-Pair Toastie Toes® Warmers
1-10 Piece Sewing Kit
4-Croc-Lock™ Clips WATER
10-Water Purification Tablets
1-100oz. HydraStorm™ Reservoir
5'-Superthane® Tubing
5-Elete 70-100oz Oral Rehydration Salts
1-Aluminum Canteen Cup
5-Hard Candies
2-Bouillon Cubes
10-Feet fishing line
3-BB Split Shot Weights
2-Brass #4 Plain Shank Hooks
1-Fishing Fly
3-SureLock™ Snares
1-Mainstay 2400cal. Emergency Rations
1-Spark-Lite™ Fire Starter
1-Survival Saw
5'-Orange Flag Tape
1-Brunton Nexus Star™ Compass
 20'-Nylon Mil-C-5040 Cord
2-Waterproof Pouch, 7x10
1-12"x12"x.004mil Aluminum Sheet
1-STRIKE™ Tsunami Bag
 3-Wound Prep Pads
2-Soap Towelettes
5-1x3 Adhesive Bandages
5-Butterfly Bandages
2-2x4.5 Flex Bandages
1-Knuckle Bandage
1-Eye Patch
2-2x3 Non-Stick Pads
1-Spool Dental Floss
2-Pkts Hydrocortisone
5-Pkts Triple Antibiotic Ointment
1-Pkts Burn Ointment
2-Pkts Motrin®
2-Pkts Tylenol®
1-Pkt No-Doz®
3-Pkts Immodium AD®
5-Safety Pins
1-Reflect™ SPF22 Sun Stick
1-Roll 1/2" Medical Tape
1-Miracle Point® Tweezers
1-Waterproof Pouch, 5x7
1-Cinch Tight Dressing
2-PriMed High Absorbency Gauzes
1-Tourni-Quik Tourniquet
1-Snake Bite Kit

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